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When it comes to after-hours processing, there are many great options in the surrounding districts, but we had no chance to see most of them. We have thus contributed to informing our readers better, to inform them which places are suitable for dancing. A single bar doesn't necessarily have to be a scary offering; here are some great options for those who want to meet someone new or just spend an evening with the girls or boys.

All the events and locations mentioned here are technically in Boston, but they can also appear in our regular Boston listings. If you don't see what you're looking for, this page will show you more information about Dancing Boston's Boston calendar.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Dancing Boston's Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ DancingBoston. Holding: Event at Northwood Community Center in North Woodland, Massachusetts from 7: 30 to 10: 00 p.m. In the basement of the New England Center for the Performing Arts (N.E.C.A.R.) at 730 Main Street

The area south of Boston is served by the Norwell Center for the Performing Arts (N.E.C.A.R.) at 730 Main Street. The ballroom dance club club in the The Boston area and the South End are not very good either.

The pub serves its guests many cheap drinks and fine entertainment, including live music and club entertainment. Behind the bar and grill in the built-in bowling alley is a bar for Dedham singles who want to grease the wheels of fun and casual conversation.

The MetroWest area and the points south of Boston also offer many opportunities for those looking for that special person. If you want to get your stomach cracking exploring the countryside, this is a great place for couples and singles who want to mix and match, thanks to the friendly service and cosy atmosphere. Individual smokers from all walks of life can connect and enjoy the victory of a full bar at the same time.

If you want to go on an adventure, grab a bike or even explore the Freedom Trail, you can start here. Faneuil Hall is a place to eat and shop, and the central hub for starting your Boston adventure, whether you're in time or not, it's the place to start.

The list of beers is not something to write home about, but if you live in Boston, you might have a taste for some of the local breweries, such as the New England IPA or Boston Pale Ale. This neighborhood mix is also a real throwback, and it's worth going out. The restaurant and bar at Lewis in Norwood Center is not only good enough to have, but good enough to have. Lewis Bar & Grille may not be a great place to eat out, but it has enough food and drink to satisfy even the most dice-loving of hardbeer lovers and casual drinkers. Make sure you get the freshly squeezed orange juice with your freshly ground black coffee and a glass of wine.

The dining area at Lewis has well-worn wooden floors, but it's not as old as the bar. Separated from the dining room is a long, narrow bar, which is a nice place to grab a glass of wine, a beer or two or even a pint of beer.

The entertainment is limited to the jukebox, but it's reassuring to know that everyone will end up winning if they go to Colonial House for a night. The win has actually started and I don't always score the only points on a night, so I'm happy I did.

Colonial House, a hidden gem in Norwood, is something of an insider's tip for locals. Dinner, drinks and conversation conclude the evening at Lewis Bar & Grille, which has been around since 1939. It is a bit strange that it remains a "hidden gem," even though it has been in business for many, many decades. From the street, it looks like any other bar or restaurant in the city, with its red brick walls, red carpet, black and white lighting and red bar stools.

In 2015, Boston FC and Waban's FC merged in Boston and founded Boston FC, the first football team in Massachusetts. The two clubs, along with two other local clubs, were formed, making them one of the largest football clubs in Massachusetts, if not the country, in 2015.

Cape Cod ReUnited is a high quality football club that attracts players from all over the Cape, from VSA United and Viviano Soccer Academy, both of which have a lot to offer. Club Springfield is based in Springfield, Mass., and serves Rhode Island and Southeast Mass. Based in Providence, RI Tidal covers the Southeast Mass and Southeast Mass-and-RI area. Founded in 1997, it was the first football team in Massachusetts and the only professional club in Massachusetts.

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