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Norwood High School's football team returns to campus next week to finish its regular season and begin a new chapter in the program under first-year coach Manny Lopes. Norwood (3-1) opened the season with three straight wins but got a much-needed win in the final regular-season game, which led to a win over Westwood last Saturday.

The Mustangs return to the Super Bowl for the first time since losing to Whitman-Hanson last season. Arguably the biggest story was that Norwood beat the defending Division 3 State champion to win. The juggernaut Natick squad, which included Paul Ghilani and Darren Flutie, included three starters from last year's national championship team as well as two of the country's best players.

Norwood's first conference game is against Medway, which defeated the Mustangs 34-18 last fall. Medfield and Ashland will visit Norwood in the first two weeks of the season, while the Mustangs will compete in the postseason and non-postseason in clashes. Bay State Conference showdown against Wellesley and Carey on the rooster for this week, with Carey at Carey, and now, Carey. The organization has been taken over by Kraw - Kornack Funeral Home of norwood and the service will be private.

For children who cannot participate in the program without registration, a registration fee will be charged for all future Skyhawks Sports programs by calling 866-849-1099. If your child is unable or uninterested to participate in any of the registration programs, please do not apply the registration fee to any future Skyhawks sports program by calling 800-804-3509. For children who can participate in the Skyhawk Sports program but do not want to, you can also sign up for

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